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Not all soils are created equal. Green Side up’s organic topsoil is a perfectly balanced blend of screened, nutrient-rich leaf compost. It’s loose, fluffy, holds moisture and circulates oxygen. We also sell a heavier soil that is Parks Department approved and good when filling in deeper areas. Only Green side up offers a special service and we can create a custom mix of soil and combine our Composted soil and Heavier soil in the same truck.

The Best Mulch in New York!

We select our mulches from the countries best suppliers. The wood is ground to the proper texture and carefully screened. Mulch comes in many different forms. You can purchase mulch by the bag or by the truck load depending on your needs. Trucks can hold up to 10 yards of Mulch at a time.

All of our Bagged Much is made out of Canadian Cedar Trees. Cedar Mulch is a superior product then that of cheaper hardwood ground mulch which can harbor termites and bugs. Make sure to always use Cedar Mulch when mulching close to your house to prevent bugs. 

Pick or Deliver topsoil or mulch 7 days a week.

To determine the number of cubic yards to order:

STEP 1: Calculate the number of square feet to cover.

STEP 2: Find the number in the table below that corresponds to the desired depth of coverage.

STEP 3: Divide the total number of square feet (step1)by that number (number in Green)to arrive at the number of cubic yards (cy).

How many bags do I need? (convert Cy to Bags)


Bagged Mulch:Multiply Number of cy by 9 to see how many bags you need

Bagged Topsoil:Multiply number of cy by 36 to see how many .75 cu bags of 40lb Topsoil is needed

Optional STEP 4: Call For Help!!! LOL


12 in.27
8 in.40
6 in.54
4 in.80
3 in.108
2 in.162
1 in.324