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Green Side Up Garden Center will help you to create the perfect lawn. We receive a Kentucky bluegrass blended Sod in fresh weekly…..Remember: Seeding is also always a option, and we have bulk contractors seed mixes available for purchase. 

Each Piece of SOD is approx 10 sqft.   (TIP: Always remember to over estimate the number of pieces you need to adjust for needed cuts and allowances ) 

Please call us at 718-967-5039 to set and reserve your turf order.If SOD is not in the day of your order you will be notified of the next available shipment day.

PLEASE REMEMBER SOD MUST BE INSTALLED THE SAME DAY IT IS DELVERED. Sod is a perishable item and is not guaranteed or returnable.

If any pallets are taken there will be a $10.00 pallet charge, which is refundable when returned.

If you want to purchase soil as well as sod on the same delivery we can hold up to 2 yards soil plus 600 Sq ft / 1 yard plus up to 800sq ft or if only Sod up to 1500sqft