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White and Tan Stone


TIP:When using White and Tan rocks if you want the Larger of the sizes you need to add more yards onto your order than you would with the smaller sizes. Each rock of the larger size can be up to 4″ so if you don’t want to see the fabric under that rock assume you need a 6″ depth in stead of 4″


White and Tan Rocks comes in 50lb bags or Bulk. Bulk deliveries are dumped off by truck and trucks can hold up to 6 yards of stone at a time. (No Mixing deliveries of bulk materials, they all come dumped onto the back of the same truck by machine, you would need two separate deliveries)

White and Tan Rocks

Bags, 1/2 Yard, Yard

White and Tan Sizes

1-2', 2-4"